there are primarily two ways to grow in the business world - organic or through m&a.

the smart business leader never stops assessing and searching for new growth opportunities through strategic or opportunistic acquisitions.  the goal remains the same - if clear value creation can be achieved - make it happen.  

bpa has supported numerous businesses around the world in pre-deal m&a, due diligence, and post merger integration process.  in all three processes - the fundamental objective does not change - is there a way to unlock or create more value. 

value creation can come in numerous ways - and the below partial template is a summary of value capture that we have used with numerous clients to ensure a thorough and complete roll-up of all value creation opportunities and risks. 

the goal is not to do the deal.  the goal is to understand  and learn as much as possible on what you are buying and how you plan on creating greater value once and if you do consummate the deal. 

most companies and acquirers fail to deliver.  a fact-based  study done by bain capital on almost 600 m&a transactions across a wide range of industries and geographies  concludes that only 30% of acquirers' stock out-performed their index by > 10% within two years after the acquisition. 

that sounds and looks like a lot of m&a activity that from a value creation perspective failed to deliver.

let us help you ensure that your next M&a opportunity puts you in the ranks of leaders and not laggards.