benchmarking is done all the time.  we are always trying to keep score - and understand - who is ahead - who is behind - and then figure out why?  leading businesses actively embrace and seek out best practices and benchmarking on an on-going basis.  they are not only keeping an active pulse on their immediate competitors but also looking outside the proverbial box - and learning from non-industry related innovations and changes.  

the following benchmarking analysis was done for a client in a financial services business - that wanted to know how it was performing vis-à-vis it's competitors.  our fact-based results provided the leadership team with actionable data to re-assess and re-evaluate it's strategy.  the benchmarking led to a powerful process of continuous improvement within the firm based on market leader performance.  to be the best, you need to seek out the best, and honestly figure out how to get there and go one step further